Friday, December 17, 2010

One week hence...

Injuries = nearly all healed.

Chubby Cassie = getting slimmer Cassie. I decided to try an online food and activities diary. It is helping a lot. It's amazing how motivating looking at calorie numbers can be to 1) give you that extra push to get out the door and train so you can have that pint of stout and 2) to keep you from eating all the nasty candies in the bowl at work. Thank you Carly for the inspiration and for showing me the site.

New life phase Cassie = Still happy and excited Cassie. I promise a new post to fill you in on the excited details... soon

My tip for the week:

Cross country skiing burns way more calories than most any other activity. Here in the Gorge it has the added bonus of getting you up on the mountain and out from under the inversion where you might get some sunshine. So get those skis out and enjoy the sun.


  1. So glad you are healing. Can you post the online activity/calorie tracker that you are using? I'm finding it's a bit harder now to drop 5 lbs. Drat!

  2. Sorry MJ, I just saw this. The website I'm using is It leaves a lot to be desired in the activities choices for calorie burning, but seems to work quite well for diet tracking. Hope that helps.