Tuesday, December 28, 2010

11 days after that...

OK, so I've managed to miss a week. It was Christmas and I was having fun.

Personal update:
Happy Cassie continues to be very happy. Tom and I are moving into a new place sometime in January. It's all very exciting. Tom is taking over as owner of GVH Bikes and will be moving the biz here from Coos Bay. The house is located in a great spot, less than a mile from great mountain biking/trail running and only 3 flattish miles from my work. We can't wait.

Chubby Cassie... is still kind of chubby. Darn Christmas goodies got me, no matter how much I skate skied. Evil, sneaky, intractable, recalcitrant bum fat (ESIRBF).

Athletic update:
I've committed to racing the High Cascades 100. That should help with the ESIRBF mentioned above. It's definitely got me riding scared.

Tip for the week:
Side plank is a great exercise for almost anyone. It's a common area of weakness and can contribute to low back pain, IT Band syndrome, knee pain, even shin splints. Here's a video link that I put together to help determine if this is a weak point for you and what to do about it.

Happy adventures everyone.


  1. Congrats to you and Tom, very exciting! I'm stoked to have him and his shop in town, too.

    I pity your competition at High Cascades. Any other IM or RAO plans? Have fun!

  2. can't wait for you to get into that beautiful castle in the woods....I am definitely doing some side planks as I have trouble with my IT band on my right side...currently problems are in my hamstringand calf on right side as well...kinda aches and burns ALOT and I can't stretch out my calf muscle no matter how I try....any suggestions?

  3. Flowerlover :) - it's probably related to that old back issue of yours. Are you still doing yoga? Sometimes lots of reps of cobra (15 at a time) can help. And standing backward bends too.

    We can sort it out more when you come to visit.