Sunday, September 6, 2009

So this blogging adventure has not gone as planned. It's been tough to keep up. All I can say is, like everyone here in The Gorge, summer is sacred and should be enjoyed to it's fullest. I haven't had much free time at my computer.

Today however, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. So I've ditched plan A which was to ride the Ring of Fire Time Trial course. It's remote, it goes up high and it's 112 miles. I'll be racing on that course next weekend. I've now gone to plan B, back to bed. It's cold, wet and apparently the snow level is down to 6000 feet. Yup bed sounds good.

Here's a quick summary of an exciting summer:
Butte to butte run and epic (yes I'm using that word appropriately) ride to Moon Point in Oakridge OR.
Tom raced but unfortunately did not finish the Cascade Cream Puff. He was exhausted from June.
July Mountain Bike Oregon. I got to do a trail side reduction of a dislocated shoulder!
XTerra Portland for me... I got my butt kicked but came back the next day with a 5:37 century in Newport OR.
Then back down to Bend OR to watch Tom take 3 in the SS category at the High Cascades 100!
And last weekend, up to Penticton to watch Ironman Canada and sign up for next year.

Oh yeah, I've been working quite hard on getting my coaching company up and running. That's been quite a learning process.

And there was that fire that threatened my little home of Mosier OR. You can see more about that here
This experience is worth a whole blog post of it's own. It was one of the scariest things I've seen and one of the most educational. Thank you, all of my dear friends and family, for your support. A huge thanks to the firefighters that saved our little town.

A pretty busy summer by anyone's standards. I'm looking forward to fall. Less travel, more Ironman training, cool temps...

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