Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blog revival inspired by John Lovie Sr.

When you're a kid, especially a teen, there are so many things that influence you. Obviously your family plays a huge role. But if you're lucky enough like I was, you might have two families that you're very close to. For me my second family was hugely important in my life. The family led by John Lovie Sr.

John's daughter Alison and I became close friends in junior high school. I spent as much time at the Lovie household as I did at my own. John and Janice became my adopted parents. Please don't misinterpret this, there was nothing wrong with my own parents, I was just lucky enough to have a second very loving family take me into their lives and show me many ways to live that were different from my own home. I'm sure that Alison would say the same about my parents, particularly my Mom, since we were either at her house or mine for 5 years straight.

The Lovies taught me to play hockey and helped me find my athleticism.

They taught me that I was loved beyond the expected love of my biological family.

They taught me how to navigate on a road trip. I still love road trips.

They taught me to sing out loud even though I'm a terrible singer.

They let me sleep on the floor under their dining room table when I needed a place to crash and there were no beds to be had. I had free access to their house and their kitchen. Those of you who know me, know how much I eat and can understand that this is a big deal.

The Lovies taught me to say "I love you" openly as you never know what might happen. Perhaps you'll never get a chance to say it again.

John Lovie Senior passed away and I didn't manage to get back to Edmonton to say, "I love you", one more time. I hope you know it.

We'll miss you.

I've revived this blog for 2 reasons. To express my feelings about John's passing and to get the habit going so I can blog about my upcoming race. TransPortugal 2013. I dedicate the greatest race of my life to the memories of my 2 dads, Ronald James Nobbs and John Lovie Sr.

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