Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ironman Canada is 2 weeks out. Do I feel ready? To finish sure, but I lost that fear a long time ago. This will be my 4th Ironman. I know I have the endurance.

Then I ask myself... What is left? I'm not fast enough to qualify for Kona. I won't win my age group and unless I gain 5 lbs in the next two weeks, I don't qualify as an Athena. So I won't win that division either.

Do I have it in me to set a personal record? Maybe. I haven't trained as consistently as I would like. Hills and track workouts have been sparse. Life has been very demanding this year and it has left me with very little energy to devote to this crazy sport. I've learned in the past that tired is tired and you have to sleep when that happens. So I've hardly swam at all this year. I ride my bike about twice per week, not counting my short commutes to work. I have been running 1 to 2 times per week. Not nearly enough by most people's standards to finish an Ironman. But I know that I will. I know that I can.

To set a PR I will have to beat 12:11. Based on my workout today (The Triple Threat), I think I can. I may even be able to beat 12 hours...

The Triple Threat is 3 rounds of bike-run. Today we totaled of 77 miles, 4:50, 6300 feet on the bike and 2:08 for 14.2 miles on the run. That kind of pace would have me really close, but could get me that elusive sub 12 hour race.

We shall see.

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