Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Moderation? Wait a second while I look that up.

There's a reason why here in The Gorge we talk about being fit and being Gorge Fit. I live in one of the most amazing outdoor playgrounds that exists.

January and February have been filled with skate skiing, often 3 workouts a week. The trails are beautiful, the mountain looks so close it seems like you should be able to reach out and touch the peak. This morning I was blessed with FAST snow and frosted trees, beautifully backlit by the early morning sun. I had good company too. My good friend and ski buddy Kani Rowland of Gorge Paddling, super fast fasty Tamara and an amazingly beautiful technical skier, Teresa. How could it get better?

Well I could come back down, work a few hours then go for a ride up Binns Hill Road in the sunshine. Then I could have my woman's strength and conditioning class.

I wonder why my body is beat. But that's the way it is here, if you're not sore, you're not really living The Gorge lifestyle.

Now, could somebody please pass me some vit I?

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